Clear your skin from bumps and skin discoloration caused by Keratosis Pilaris (KP). Learn the only way to finally erase your symptoms forever!

I have discovered a
REAL SOLUTION that WILL completely erase all signs of KP from your skin and the results will amaze you! I'm no professional, but I put together a slideshow of my left thigh while I was clearing my skin....












Are you tired of:

  • hiding your skin?
  • the looks of disgust?
  • the stupid questions?
  • felling helpless and hopeless?
  • doctor/dermatologist visits with NO RESULTS?

Well, now you can:

  • STOP being ashamed!
  • STOP making excuses to miss outdoor events!
  • STOP not participating in certain sports!
  • STOP searching for something that works!

We’ve all read the stories on the internet about people claiming that they cleared their KP in 3 days to a week. They always write about how they put an ointment on their skin for a few days and KAZAAM, it was clear and the redness was gone. Yeah right, I finally wised-up and stopped being so gullible. As serious as this disease is for us who have it, I am appalled when people make these types of claims now. Clearly, something you’ve had on your skin that even a doctor can’t help you with can’t be cleared in a few days with a cream. It’s absurd! Shamefully, I must admit that I was suckered so many times into buying product after product. I was always desperate to find something that would really work on my skin.

After many years of trying almost every product on the market, I finally figured out how to clear my skin up. I’m not talking about making it look a little better; I’m talking about CLEARING IT COMPLETELY!

Can you imagine finding out the necessary steps to clear your skin of symptoms of KP that you can have access to within approximately two short minutes! Lucky for you, I’ve put the steps into an easy-to-read e-book to save your skin!

This e-book explains the solution I used to clear my skin!

What the solution is NOT:

  • not a diet plan…
  • not a body wash… because KP is not a cleansing problem
  • not a moisturizer… because you aren’t addressing a dry skin problem
  • not a dietary supplement program…


This is the REAL SOLUTION to completely clearing your skin of KP symptoms!

Just think! you could be on your way to having beautiful skin. This solution is absolutely brilliant!  My e-book is an easy to read, step-by-step guide that explains exactly what to do to erase the symptoms of KP from your skin.  Save yourself a lot of pain, frustration, embarrassment, guilt, and shame!

Get the step-by-step guide today to clear your skin.

The e-book is immediately downloadable upon purchase.  

Get Results!

Find out the necessary steps to clear your skin of symptoms of KP. You can have access within approximately two short minutes! I have put the steps into this easy-to-read e-book.




Coming Soon.........

The KP BeGone Starter Pack will include            a 30-day supply of the following:

  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Sluff-Off Cleansing Bar
  • Gentle Cleansing Bar
  • Exfoliating/Deep Moisture Lotion
  • Instruction Guide

Expected Launch Date: September 1, 2014


My Story:

My legs were always shapely, but I never could show them off. After being hurt so deeply from people being rude about my skin, I began to hide it when I was a teenager. I can remember when I was about 15 years old; I asked my aunt (a nurse) what I could do to get rid of those bumps. She told me I had dirt on my skin and I needed to scrub that dirt off of my skin with a disgusted look on her face. I cried and cried because I had tried scrubbing my skin until it was sore.  After that happened, I wondered if other people thought I was a dirty person too. When I turned 16, I began to visit several dermatologists who prescribed lotions, body washes, retinoid creams… but none of the prescriptions worked….  My family would always tell me that the bumps weren’t that noticeable and that I was obsessed over nothing.  Even those words hut because I felt that they were making it out as if I were dillusional or crazy.  Deep inside I knew they thought the bumps and spots were just as bad as I did.  As I got even older, I kept hoping and believing there was something out there that would work, which is why I NEVER gave up. When I turned 33 years old, I finally discovered what works, and actually understood how I would get rid of the bumps and brown marks on my skin…. It’s like a light bulb went off in my head! Before I even began the process, I knew it would work. Not long after I began the process, I began to see the results more and more. Once my skin was completely clear, I showed up to a family reunion with capri pants on, showing part of the bottoms of my legs.  I got so many compliments on how my legs looked.  I was so happy that they noticed and that I had finally found what works! Everybody wanted to know exactly what I did to get rid of them. They were asking me to pull my pant legs up higher so they could see further up my legs too.  After the LONG struggle, I am so grateful to those who starred in disgust over the years, because its part of what made me continue to try to find an answer to my KP!

Dear KP Sufferers,

I wrote this e-book as a step-by-step guide to make sure you succeed in erasing all signs of KP from your skin.  This e-book gets straight to the point. If you are searching for a comprehensive resource that explains all the characteristics of KP and lists the many products you can try for relief, this is not the e-book for you. You can simply access the internet or go to your local library for a wealth of information on Keratosis Pilaris if that is what you are searching for. I’ve struggled for over 25 years to find something that actually works and I wrote this e-book according to what I wished for all those years. It explains exactly what you MUST do to clear your symptoms of KP. It doesn’t list lots of different choices of products or promote any particular brand of products. However, I do include specific products I used and where I purchased them so that there’s no guessing game. This e-book was written for people who are serious about getting rid of the ugly skin. I do not include any pretty pictures of beautiful skin to entice you to buy this e-book. Why not? I’m not interested in just selling this e-book. I’m genuinely interested in helping you clear your skin so that you don’t have to hide behind clothes and avoid swimming parties or activities because of the cruelty from others due to the sight of this disease. This is the real deal! No gimmicks, no tricks, no marketing scheme to sell products.




You can learn the only solution that will clear your KP symptoms.
I've spent many years experimenting with all types of products to get rid of the symptoms of KP.

The sooner you start taking the steps towards clearing your KP symptoms, the sooner you’ll see the results! Your confidence will increase dramatically and you will begin to enjoy things you’ve always avoided due to KP.

Why should you wait a moment longer. 

Do It For You!

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